Sunday, November 21, 2010

God Run Out of Power, Eh?

Things have been a bit controversial in the Christian World of Dubbo lately.

(Christian world being: the collective Christians who attend different churches, and have amazingly different ideas on things...)

People hold such strong views on this whole 'Healing' issue, that everyone I question gives me a different answer.
They will snap out a quick sentence, the sort that people generally keep tucked away for such occasions.

I will retort back with a brilliant return (of course), playing the devil's advocate.
Then, almost without fail, they rub their chins, and furrow their brows.

"I don't know....It's such a difficult subject..."

or, some, who mostly firmly believe in all types of healings will announce,

"You just gotta have faith, you GOTTA BE-LIEVE! want me to pray for you?"

I prefer the first group. I occasionally desire to harm the second....

I interrogated my pastor who was healed the other night.

"'s it going...?"

"Oh, my neck's sore again..."

"God, run out of power, eh?"

Flippant and rude answer. Just have a million questions in my head, which will be figured out in time, but aren't at the moment, and I feel the desire to understand this issue, to nail it down and deprive it of mystery in my Brain.

If you asked me straight up, did Jesus heal my pastor's neck at the meeting, I would say, flat out,
"No way, Jose."

Jesus didn't seem to work like that, you know? You don't see blind men groping their way back to the Master, "Ummm...sir...there's a slight problem..."

Or lepers claiming a Malfunctioned Healing, "Sir, did I leave my nose with you?"

Or Martha bawling to Jesus, "Lord, only a day after you left, Lazarus keeled over...and I swear it wasn't my cooking, this time..."

That just didn't happen. People were healed. From EVERYTHING. From being flippin' dead! You don't see Jesus keep trying to heal someone, and slumping over in frustration because the power ain't clicking, and the Spirit's flow is being inhibited or something.

I mean, there were so many people who left the other night, still blind, still unable to move...still dying. And that just wasn't what Jesus was like.

Like, I know there's a strong connection between faith and healing, but I DO NOT believe that you achieve healing by banishing any lingering and reasonable doubt. As if God expects you to twist your brain around a concept you firmly believe to be the Optimum Option for your Situation, and only brainwashing yourself into believing it will your wish come true.

I do NOT think God works like that.

I have a family story bound up in that statement, which I'll share sometime...This is a rant, and perhaps soon, I will give a smooth, just fair look at the other side...try and achieve a healthy medium.

Now, having said that...

My back has been feeling a little better since the healing meeting....

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