Tuesday, November 23, 2010

God Does His Best Work in Weak People

I met a 20 year old missionary girl today.

Her name is Karis Piawong, and she is an actual missionary in Thailand.

I know we all are missios but she's so young, and it must be very difficult to be so far from a comfortable, materialistic life.

Anyways, Karis and her husband Noom, and her parents live in Thailand, and they are on furlough at the moment. They came to talk to my mum's Bible study this morning, which I begrudgingly went along to.

I love Missio Stuff, just don't like being around people heaps at the moment.

Anyways, it was so fascinating to hear this girl talk. She was so down to earth, and has such a simple faith, I just loved it.
She did six months of training with YWAM when she was eighteen, and that was where she met her husband.

Noom had a rough background. A former sex addict and drug dealer. Karis had a dream about him one night, and woke up with feelings for him.

"I was worried, " she admitted at the meeting today, "because I didn't want any relationship thing to distract me from what God had planned. So I prayed over the feelings. Lord, take these feelings away. In Jesus Name!

Then I believe the devil made an attack on me. I couldn't breathe, and I started to panic. Noom came over and began praying for me. While he laid hands on my head a thought came into his mind. "I want you to love and take care of this woman your whole life."

Noom fled to a corner and began praying, "Jesus, take this thought away, I don't want to be distracted from you. In Jesus Name!"

When he came back to pray for me, the thought came again."

Anyways, Karis and Noom got married the next year. They went from being friends to being engaged. And there was so many beautiful confirmations that 'they' were exactly what God had in mind.

Their story was amazing, they were both just so intent on just walking with Jesus. Straight away in their marriage, God asked them to take two young guys into their house. There's now five extra guys living with them, and one girl - in their first year of marriage! They have given even that to God.

I went to talk to Karis after the meeting. She was so little, I felt like the Hulk.

Anyway, she just spoke about God and her simple faith in him was just shining.

It just helped remind me of why I do desire so deeply to be like that in my walk with God. Not get hung up on anything. Not money, not education, nothing. To just be listening to God's voice, and to take the leap when I think I hear him.

And I know I'm weak, and yeah, really weak.
The biggest weakling in God's kingdom I believe.
But apparently God can do some of his best work in weak people.

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