Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Horrible Fan Club?

My friend Pete has a Bible study of sorts at his house every Thursday night.

Ten o'clock is his bed time, however. When the clock strikes, we see him inserting his ear-plugs into his ear canals, and firmly shutting his bedroom door.

It's good of him to host the study, however, and he hasn't branded me as a heretic yet, and thrown me out.

Most of the kids in the group (of which I am second eldest), have been bought up in the church. And when we answer questions from our Study Guide, they dutifully recite the correct answers and move on to the next one.

You know these answers; they sound like this:

- By reading the Bible
- Telling others about God.
- Going to church

Well, Bible studies can really annoy me. So I possibly annoy my study group. When we split up into our smaller four or five girls, I spread my subversion, and prove my point.Just tossing in little mental we have to think.

I just hate when Christians become Drones. Because it's so easy to create a Christian Highway that we all travel on, we make sense to each other, and no one else; and we hide who we really are, because no Christian wants to admit what they really do when no one is looking do they?

 No Christian wants to admit that they yelled at their spouse every day last week, that they deeply despise a co-worker, or that they have an addiction to Gossip Girl.

I think we have a reputation of hypocrisy for a reason. 

Urban Dictionary has a funny definition of God's Son:


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  1. I'm all too familiar with the normal Christian bible study questions. Where's the intellectual discussion? Where's the doubts? Where's the honesty?

    Good post.